Thursday, March 14

house reveal installment 3 - please come over?

so here is the reveal in more a detail-oriented form.
are you ready?  were you practically born ready?
i thought so.

so this is what it's like to be an adult.  and to buy things that don't necessarily serve a purpose but go with the overall aesthetic of what you're trying to go with in regards to your living space.
i just threw up in my mouth as i typed that - FYI.
because it's a joke.  
mainly the general feeling i was going for when people first come into the room is "what the fuck?  none of this even goes together."  but then - at a closer look they end up going "ohhhh, ya, i guess it kind of goes together.  in like a none-of-this-should-even-go-together-but-it-does way."

so let's break it down.

the throw pillows.  
which are very rarely serving the purpose they were purchased for by being on the couch because mac-dizzle gets into some sort of freak out spaz mode where he insists on rubbing himself all over the couches and in turn kicking them to the floor.  and don't mind the dog hair all over them.  i've come to just accept its presence in my life as a constant.

the wall furnishings.
besides the andy's i mainly just wanted some weird up on the walls.  like conversation pieces.  like people would think i'm sophisticated because of audrey but then see the other couple of pieces and be like "that audrey thing is a front.  this girl is whacked in the head."

an aside.
mr. poop is pretty prevalent here in the shitler household.

knick knacks.
like let me buy crap that will collect dust and look ridiculous and i'm one happy camper.
hence the hugging cats (which shitler refuses to accept as a representation of him and me.  maybe because we never hug).  or that weird ball thing in the background.  OR - lord hairless and a couple of gnome salt and pepper shakers.

a sort of aerial shot of my tiny, but now cozy and more adult-like living room.
let's refrain from giving shitler any sory of props for this.
it goes straight to his head and his ego does need to be any bigger than it normally is.


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  1. i like!! you are all grownsed up and no longer a toys r us kid! i really like the pattern of the drapes

    1. thanks lady!
      they were on sale. OBVI.
      i had no fucking idea how much curtains priced out until this bullshit re-decorating journey. but i guess what i'm saying is that we should go into the curtain business.

  2. dear shannon, auDrey hepburn is turning in her grave at the gross missuse of her likeness by this auBrey person. the end.

  3. wtf is mr. poop?!

    Looks nice though:)

  4. Ha! I love it. My couch spot looks cozy. The gnomes, however, must be banished. They kill you in your sleep, don't you know that?

  5. I'm going to say, I love your style :) I'm a bit jelly because my husband has a zero tolerance policy on tacky, sad face

  6. I think it looks awesome! From someone that has no idea how to decorate I love this a lot!

  7. I have knick-knack envy. Amazing.


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