Friday, March 8

high five 4 friday

let's thing that trey songz song together.  "i only came here for two reasons - yaaaaaaaaaaaa - i only came for the bitches and the drinks, the bitches and the drinks."  there's for sure more to that song but that's the only part i can remember and i just want to jam to it because it's friday, ya'll and we should all go to the bar for just those two reasons.

but let's get to the business at hand.  high-fiving friday with lauren.

and before we get into this i need to tell you something about my mutts.  those two couldn't be more different.  
mac-dizzle is an attention whore with a constant need for close contact and affirmation (much like shitler) while murphy lee is more of a "i'm going to go lay under the stairs because it's quiet there and you people are annoying the shit out of me (like me)."  with that being said - here we go.

1. mac in all his remedial glory.  like whatever all up in someone's shit like all the time.  he does that thing where he nudges you with his snout until you pet him.  and then when he doesn't feel like that's enough he lays his paw on your leg and gives you those eyes as if he's demanding more attention.  not to mention he will for sure take up more room than he even deserves on the couch.

 2. and then there's this guy.  who like when you wake up from a nap just happens to be watching you sleep. 
which is totally normal and not at all weird.

3. apparently there was a giant weather-type test thing for all of southeastern wisconsin.  i took a screen shot of it because it was hilarious but then got immediately annoyed because everyone and their mom posted about it on facebook like they actually thought it was legit.  #amateurs

4. the other night i just happened to be walking to the bathroom while at the neighbor's house and happened upon this.  because she wanted all the cheesy puffs.  and she couldn't be fucking bothered with that stupid bag.  and she's also very pleased with herself.

5. i've cashed this book in a matter of days.  it's just so good i can't put it down.  and i've been obsessing and sometimes on the verge of tears because the characters are just that amazing.  i googled when the movie was going to come out on dvd and then freaked out when the internet told me april 30th.  LUCKILY - some theaters are still showing it.  so i've managed to strong-arm shitler into going to a sexy matinee with me on sunday so i can drool over jennifer lawrence and he can ogle bradley cooper.

ANYWAY - enough about me.
what are you high-fiving this week?

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  1. i'm high fiving you and your body.

  2. I want all the cheese puffs! God I love those things. Lemme know how the movie is. Heard good things but you know, one 'see it' is never enough.

  3. GO SEE THE MOVIE IMMEDIATELY. I have to read that book now. The movie was practically the greatest movie ever. Such good crazy.

    I love that our cheetos friend is wearing santa jammies. She doesn't give a shit, and I admire that in a tiny human.


  4. Okay. My love for you has grown bigger. I cracked up at every paragraph. Especially #2.

    I want to read that book. If you say it's that amazing, then I will just have too. I haven't been in the mood to read any books lately. Blogs either. But I have decided to read all my blogs I love on the weekends and make comments. Boom.

    Love you hooker pants.

  5. I have been dying to read Silver Linings Playbook. That and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Makes me want to go the library now and get it:)

  6. The fucking cheetos are awesome! That's the kind of shit I do after I come home after a long day. Fill up a tub with cheetos.

    Silver Lining Playbook...after all the hoopla...maybe It's time I pick it up!


  7. Mmmm now I want cheesecurls. Seriously, mmmm.

    Also mmmmm to Jennifer Lawrence. I would totally turn sides for her, like no joke.


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