Friday, March 1

high five 4 friday

cheers to the freakin' weekend, amiright?
except i'm still sick just enough to still be miserable and not want to leave my bed.
so i'm really going to try my hardest to not be a disgusting animal snotting all over the place when i'm at my tables this weekend at the restaurant.  i can't help but think that's not appetizing while you're eating and might not garner me much in tips.

but it's time to link up with lauren to do some high-fiving.

1. in regards to self-medicating a cold with booze.  i'm not sure if it actually works.  per the owner of the company i work for he advised that i start taking less cold medicine and start drinking more vodka.  and since i'm a good employee - i listened.  but instead of drinking vodka i drank a bottle of champagne and then a bottle of wine.  in one sitting.  and frankly - i couldn't figure out if i was drunk, if the meds were working, or if i was legitimately getting better.  and shockingly enough i wasn't even hungover the next day.  color me surprised.

2. i think chips get a bad rap.  i mean, don't get me wrong, they're delicious.  but i'm fairly certain they go straight to my ass.  so when my friend intro'd me to vegetable chips i thought i was doing my ass a favor.  
but i'm sure my ass doesn't appreciate the sheer volume of bags of these chips i've consumed.

3. i bought shitler this shirt this week.  ALL THREE FREE. #arresteddevelopment 

4.  i'm obsessed with all things real housewives.  it's sick, really.  but i just can't help myself.  they're just all so wrapped up in the most mundane of things but the fact that they have millions of dollars makes said mundane things not so mundane.  i haven't read any other book penned by any of the housewives mainly because - c'mon, it's a book "written" by one of the real housewives.  but when brandi came out with a book i couldn't help but jump on the brandi train.  
and like literally i would jump her.  
in like a sexual way.  
it's only mildly embarassing to admit that her book arrived wednesday, i started it thursday, and cashed it in a matter of hours.  it's definitely not one of the great literary pieces of our time but i loved it.  she's honest and in your face.  and if you didn't hate eddie for what he did to her before you certainly will after you read the book.  
and considering she's a single mom who is constantly getting sued because of her big mouth and in need of lawyers i just told myself that i was helping her pay her legal fees by buying her book.

also - if you're in the market for a review of the my book my girl samm has one.

5. and lastly.  i know that most girls have a shopping problem.  shoes, clothes, and other shit they actually don't need.  well, so do i.  except my problem comes in the form of books.  because i can't help buying heaps of books.  
and amazon doesn't help when they will give you free shipping on orders of $25 or more so then you actually end up buying $40 worth of books that you don't need.  such was my problem when i ordered brandi's book (please see #4 above).  because i ended up ordering three other books.  and then when they arrived and i went to put them on my book shelf i realized i had heaps of books that i had just ordered within the last couple months sitting on the bookshelf unread.  ugh.  i have a lot of work to do.

for the record, these are the just the ones sitting out in plain sight.

any book recommendations?
i'm sure it'll be no time at all until i'm buying more.

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  1. it's like we're the same people sometimes. mainly because that picture above? consumed all of that on new years and loved it. like i need more of it in my life. arrested development? get on my tv. i have all the seasons on dvd. let's have a marathon. drinking and tweeting, duh. books, duh. all my money goes to books or makeup. it's ridiculous.

    You're a stellar human being. I love you <3

  2. Barefoot bubbly is the best! My favorite is the Pink Moscatto!!

  3. As soon as I read the first line of your blog I started singing! You have that song stuck in my head, its the freaking weekend baby and Im about to have me some fun! I will be singing it all day! haha!

  4. drinking is always ok in my book. anytime, anywhere.

  5. Do you have a fireplace? If so, I have to inform you that issued tissues are VERY good fire-lighters. YOU'RE WELCOME.

  6. The Night Circus has been on my amazon list forever. Let me know if it is worth buying...I do the same thing to get free shipping! So I also have, you know, one million dusty books. I would also consider reading the Beautiful Creatures series. Let me know what you think when you get to them in 6 years.

    Happy Weekend! Feel better soon. MORE BOOZE.

  7. Sweet Potato chips are the bomb dot com

  8. Maybe I should try the whole vodka thing when sick because that just sounds like fun!
    Stopping by from the link up!

  9. "i couldn't help but jump on the brandi train.
    and like literally i would jump her.
    in like a sexual way."

    You are a-deviant-dorable.

    Also, you are so right - I am constantly evaluating my Amazon Cart's Save For Later space for items that tot up to Free Super Saver bliss. Hmm, if I put this in it's almost there...I should put this one in, it says there's only one left, but that's $20 more than necessary, should I save it for next time...?

    Because there always is a next time.

    1. YES. it's like a black fucking hole for my poor bank account. el terrible really. They always get me too because I end up at like $24 and then I'm force to get something else but then i see other things and add them because I'm all "this isn't really THAT much."

  10. First, champagne is always a good idea. Second, I want to steal that Bluth shirt. We here at my house are OBSESSED with the Bluths (my daughter once got a Tobias Funke never nude nutcracker for Christmas). And- I have been wanting to read _Night Circus_ for forever now. I am just starting _In the Garden of Beasts_.
    Feel better soon.
    (visiting from the link up)

  11. I had a bad head cold last week. (I am currently interning at a pediatric clinic and those adorable little shits get us sick on a weekly basis.) My friends wanted to meet for drinks after work Wednesday night. I drug my sick ass there, figured, "Why the hell not?" and had several vodka cranberries. (It was happy hour, two for one specials, how could I not?) The next morning, ALL BETTER! Seriously. Vodka cured me. I totally support drinking while sick. I have definitely drank OJ+Emergen-C+vodka on more than one occasion and I swear, it totally helps.

  12. I wanna read that book!!!

    And since you been on a shopping spree.... where the fuck is stuff for me?? Aren't I special??? Don't you love me anymore??????

    And I have been meaning to buy that bubbly wine stuff. What's it like??

  13. Sorry your sick:( I told myself I can't buy anymore books until I read the ones I have. No fun for me on amazon


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