Friday, March 29

high five 4 friday

oh hey.
how are you?
good?  your march madness bracket is busted?
mine is like half busted.
AND even worse - my original bracket had marquette winning the whole thing.
until shitler came home and made fun of me and told me that was stupid.
so i second guessed myself and switched it up.
and now marquette is in the final four.  which is pretty damn close to the finals.
and i swear to god if they win i'm going to do unspeakable things to shitler's private parts.
and not unspeakable in a sexual, good feeling way.  like in the opposite of that way.

but anyway - let's get to the high-fiving of friday with lauren.

1// can we all talk about girls and how amazing it was?  and yes i'm behind and just watched the finale last night.  lay off me.  but i'm going to go ahead and let you all know that i loved adam from the beginning.  when all you doubtful-desirees thought he was weird and maybe a lunatic i was there defending him and loving him.  so suck it.

2// baby b in pre-meltdown mode.  all because she wanted to put her shoes on.  and her shoes wouldn't fit over her footie pajamas and her mama said it was time for bed and no she couldn't take off her pajamas.  hence the meltdown. #firstworldtwoyearoldproblems

3// a gun ice cube.  self-explanatory.

4// i drooled all over my desk yesterday when i saw how sweet eat's buffalo oven fries.  not even kidding.  all day.  that's all i thought about.  so naturally i picked up the ingredients on my way home and then gorged myself on them until i slipped peacefully in a food coma.

5// RUMCHATA CAT!!!!!!!!!!!  please say that in the "let's get ready to rummmmmmmmmble" voice.  i think it makes more sense that way.  but i digress.  i'm not sure if you knew or if you remember but charlie the rumchata cat lived with us for like nine months until shitler made me give it back.  now he lives in a swank condo down in milwaukee.  and he and i will be reunited this weekend.  it's going to be magical.

and lastly we need to back up dat azz with whitney.
let's go way back to my college days.
when everyone was just straight chilling at the holidae innnnnnnnnnnnn.

stop, drop, KABOOM.
am i right?

Gin and Bare It


  1. And now I'm going to drool over those buffalo fries for the rest of the day- they look FABULOUS!

  2. LOVE!! I need those gun ice cubes!!! simply amazing & that cat the best !!!! He just knows how to have a good time..
    TGIF!!!! Have a drink!!!! :)

  3. gimmie dem fries!

  4. New to your blog via Whitney's link up today, and can I just say... I LOVE GIRLS!! I`m literally watching it right now! I like having something on in the background while I blog/read blogs, and I just keeping watching (or listening to) Girls. The season finale was absolute perfection. So, so well done. I rehashed the whole thing to my boyfriend, and he was like "Oh. Uh huh, that sounds... wonderful..." but I loved it so much I couldn`t stop talking about it, hah!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  5. Gun ice cube, huh? Well that is just awesome.

    Have you ever seen this? The Tequila Gun. Saving my money to one day be able to afford something so wonderful.

  6. I WANT THE GUN. Also, sad i couldnt join you on the buffalo fries date -- I'm glad you had fun though!!


  7. i need that gun icecube tray in my life!

  8. lovvee the blog girll

  9. Hooch! My brother has the bullet ice two should meet...and KABOOM!

    Need I say more..oh yeah DRUNK PUSSY...

    I'll be here and there and everywhere...BAM!


  10. PS-If the Gators are not in your final four...I have no idea what the hell you were doing...!

  11. Some call me Ludacris some call me Mr. Wigglessss


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