Monday, April 1

a katy perry lyric should be the title of this post

does anyone ever get the feeling that their entire life is just one giant episode of punked?
no?  just me?
that figures.  but for realsies i don't know why i insist on drinking on school nights.
and i don't know why this hangover is insisting on being so persistent.
and i don't know why i insist on having a restaurant job.
and i don't know why i insist on pretending that i care like at all like about anything.
but i do all of those things.  unfortunately.

but here's a recap of my weekend in case you cared.
and in the even that you don't i don't blame you.  because neither do i.
oh, and i'm going to link up with sami.

first there were babies that i wanted to munch on they were so cute.
then there was drinking.  and also my cat friend charlie.
and then at some point after the vodka had wreaked havoc on my ability to make responsible choices there was girl kissing and then also a water fight.  oh, and this was all on easter sunday.  because i'm anything but appropriate.

i just re-lived all of that in my mind again.
and i feel like i'm becoming re-hungover.
is that a thing? 

later this week we're going to talk 
about beating children. 

Gin and Bare It


  1. genuinely love the new loook. i mean.. it took long enough.

  2. You're losing your advanced drinker status with each hang over you complain about. GET IT TOGETHER.

  3. LMFAO, you're ridic, but i love you.

  4. I'm excited to see what you come up with for the beating children....

    And I keep staying up past midnight like an idiot. And I seriously hate myself in the morning. So I'm right up there with ya ;)

  5. Charlie! I'm much more excited about the cat than the baby. I'm also excited for that blazer situation that is going on because it is sasha fierce fierce.


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