Monday, April 8

northwoods nonsense

you know the dane cook joke where he chastises his friend for sitting around all day thinking about creamy treats?  i'm in a similar position and definitely need a lecture because i can't stop thinking about all the shows waiting for me at home on the dvr.  all the housewives, some dance moms, GoT, etc.  it's to the point where i just want to throw in the towel, fake a case of explosive diarrhea, and bail.  but karma is a skanky bitch and i will for sure come down with a case of actual explosive diarrhea if fake it at this point in time.

so i guess the only thing we have left to do is re-live the weekend.
which is super depressing because looking at the photos just reminds me of the awful time i'm currently having.  oh well.  being a grown up sucks.

we headed to the northwoods for the weekend.  which means the weekend just revolved around booze, and guns, outdoor things, and food.  which i suppose is no different than a normal weekend at home except for the locale.

iPhone nonsense first.  and if this is a repeat of things on my #ginstagram then deal with it.

do you ever get to the point in your night where you've succeeded in drinking all the things and you don't really realize the level of success that you've achieved until you look at your camera the next day and see the fourteen pictures of a pizza you took (i'll spare you because they're terrible)?  or that you took two pictures of a ceiling fan?  not my finest moment.
i'm also not sure what it is about up north that makes all booze just taste better but i'm almost positive that's a fact.  
if you don't believe me we should probably plan a trip where we go up north and do a tasting and then also do a tasting not up north and i think it would just prove my point.

he honestly just always looks like he's having the worst time.

and this guy is just ready to fuck shit up.

and as always on mondays i'm linking up with sami because all of these things fall under the category of shenanigans.

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  2. Omg look at you all "dirty harry" style!

    fucking shmexy.

  3. I didn't know northwoods was a real thing. There's a wisconsin bar here called Will's Northwoods Inn, I thought it was just a made up name. Weird.

    But it looks awesome. Not the outdoors part, but the booze part.

  4. I'm thinking about unfollowing all blogger friends on instagram. It ruins the element of surprise when it comes time for blog postings on how you spent your time. I feel like i lived your weekend with you via the gram (the gram, that's what the hipsters are callin it)

  5. I've been drinking Leinenkugel lately. One of their brews claims to have captured the precise moment the sun sets over a Northern lake. I asked Andy (he's a Wisconsiner) if their claim was fair and he said yes. And now you say this bit about booze tasting better up north.

    You know what they say: Two Wisconsiners can't be wrong!

    Or something like that.

  6. I 100% agree that booze tastes better in the northwoods. It tastes better, and you always get drunker.
    And might I just say, I truly appreciate seeing all the snow around and mud surrounding you.
    I am sick of seeing everyone posting sunshine bullshit.

  7. Just a heads up, I want to kidnap your dog.

  8. OOOOO I love the cock & balls appetizer. Where does one order something like that?

    Was that a Pitch Perfect DVD? Fat Amy is my fucking ROLE MODEL.

    As always, I feel like I should have been there with you partaking in the kick ass festivities of your weekend.

  9. The ginstagram is my favorite. It keeps me young.


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