Wednesday, April 3

in honor of my menstruation cycle

i have nothing to say.
because things are busy.  and i hate it and i don't want to be busy but i don't have a choice in the matter.
so this is something that makes me LOL on a consistent basis.
sorry i'm not sorry if you think it's inappropriate.


Gin and Bare It


  1. this made me LOL! i'm days away from uterine hemorrhaging and i'm bloated and crabby as hell so thanks for this :)

    1. like when this time of the month graces me with its presence i contemplate doing my own surgery and just fucking removing it.

    2. I want to remove mine, as well. WebMD will have all the answers. Self-performed surgery, here we come!

  2. Menstrual posts are never inappropriate and ALWAYS encouraged. Especially when they involve dinosaurs.

  3. BAHAHAH girlfriend I always feel like that.

    periods are the pits. But hey at least you are not growing a child inside of you.

  4. You're a crazy bitch.

    and I kinda love it. A lot.

  5. GIRL I think I wrote this and you stole it from me. THEIF!

    At least you managed to be funny though, which is more than I can say for myself. I think I lost my funny. Maybe your period dinosaur stole it. THEIF.

  6. Omg. I contemplate on surgery myself. My uterus is a murderer.


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