Monday, April 15

the first post i use the "shit posts" label for

this weekend was mainly confusing.
like sometimes it was nice out and then sunday morning there was snow on the ground.
like i ran out of wine and then nothing was right in the world.
like i was required to do things like work and be nice to people.
like the most i do concerning diet and exercise is just think about it.
like the fact that i had to leave my couch and dvr made me feel empty inside.

but you know - that's life.  and i suppose, although i hate it, i've just gotten used to it.
friday i worked for what felt like an eternity.  like 7am-10pm.
and then came home and drained, what i didn't know at the time, was my last bottle of wine.
then watched get him to the greek for the zillionth time and generally behaved badly.

on saturday i ate a hot dog. chicago style.  exciting, i know.
and then i had a five minute conversation with a dog grooming place about rates and extras and shit.  and then when i asked to make an appointment she told me she wasn't taking any new clients.  so i was confused and asked her if she didn't want my money or something.  and then she didn't respond.  so i just hung  up.  side note.  murphy lee was only professionally groomed once.  shitler doesn't count the time i got drunk and shaved a stripe down his back as grooming.  EVEN THOUGH IT WAS A RACING STRIPE AND IT MADE HIM FASTER.
but here's a picture of my hot dog.

and then after a hellish night at the restaurant that included me not getting home till 11.30pm i made that cruel discovery that i was fresh out of booze.  and a part of me died inside.  until i remembered that my best friend in all the blog land had sent me tiny bottles of vodka and i rejoiced, went home, and consumed them.

and now it's monday and i'm still generally confused and behaving like i imagine a sloth to behave like.  mainly because i feel like the only good thing to come out of the weekend was the hot dog and also catching up on game of thrones.  except that's the other confusing part.  like when watching i had this nagging feeling that i knew more than i should given each episode i was watching.  and then i remembered that i had started reading the book.  and that meant that i DID in fact know more than was actually happening in the show.  so like the whole time i couldn't help but channel lou from hot tub time machine and be all "you're gonna lose that hand."  but also the dragons need more screen time BECAUSE HELLO THEY'RE DRAGONS.

and in more important news i wrote like the most long-winded post i've ever written for my lady-friend mack.  so that's over on her blog.  it involves me doing one of the stupidest things i've ever done and i'm still surprised i didn't end up murdered to shreds.  so check it out.

also - i'm going to put up a picture that in no way, shape, or form has anything to do with this post but i think it's funny.  so that's my prerogative.

WHY is he so interested in that chunky soup.  riddle me that.

Gin and Bare It


  1. You RAN OUT OF WINE? What? You know you should have at least two bottles hidden for emergency situations like that.

    But maybe don't listen to me. I may or may not have a problem.

  2. I groom my dog myself.
    In other words, I chase him round the house trying to 'get his bangs straight'.
    Whatever, it's Monday.

  3. Running out of wine is the worst possible fate. I am sorry that happened to you.
    Thinking about all that work makes me tired and the picture of that hot dog makes me hate you. Now I NEED a Chicago Style hot dog.
    I hope you can get your wine shit together and have a great week!

  4. If they don't start showing more dragons I will quit that show I swear to it. I could give a shit about that red-haired fire bitch.

    I screamed when they cut that hand off. Hilarious.

  5. Like I said. I have 2 bottles of wine. And a little mini Sutter Homes pink moscato that could fit in your back pocket... coooooooooooooooome and get it!

  6. WHAT NO WINE!!!!!
    Girl - you need to always have back ups just in case!!!!
    & does the state not sell past a certain time too?? so gay!!

  7. CUUUTE, is that you living the dorm life? Look at you, all young and radiant. ;)

    Also. Thank god for the vodka. Maybe I should continually supply you an emergency supply of vodka. I mean, desperate times.

  8. Running out of wine or liquor never is good .. I always hide some back ups in the kitchen far back in a cabinet so I know I have to be desperate to attempt the acrobatics required to get it out. I would much rather shave a dog than a cat, because seriously shaving a cat is hazardous to your health (damn sharp claws!).

    1. if i had a bucket list i would add "shaving a cat" to it. for sure.


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