Friday, April 26

high five me and i'll upgrade you

high fiving and backing up azzes is basically my favorite part of the week.
let's get it on.

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1// sometimes when i'm on a diet i make detrimental choices that will possibly ruin everything that i've worked for.
like carbs.  carbs will ruin a diet.  so it's probably not a good idea to make bread in a bread maker we were recently given.  #fail

2// that's an empty glass.  and no it's not because i've just recently killed a bottle.  the empty glass represents the fact that i haven't had a glass of wine all week.  and it's been horrible.  but if you're confused please refer to number one.

3// i thought about my wedding this week.  and by thought about it i mean that i looked at those shoes and thought they'd be cute to wear so now i'm considering them.

4// sometimes he's cute and i can't even handle it.  like when he uses his tail as a pillow.  nice try, buddy.

5// i think if you watch duck dynasty then you'd agree when i say that this picture is the very definition
of "
happy, happy, happy."

but now let's get to the heart of the matter.  and backing up our azzes.
because obviously.
know that i will upgrade everyone.
but it's also concerning how much stuff beyonce puts in her mouth in this video.

Gin and Bare It


  1. Okay that baby is insanely cute. I can't even slightly handle it.
    Great song choice. No matter how many things are in her mouth, I will alway love Lady Bey.

  2. I am all for sandals/flip flops as shoes for the bride. I'd do it.
    Fuck it. I'm going barefoot.

  3. You gotta get those shoes!! I wore boots so you flip flops are definitely acceptable

  4. I already bought those shoes to wear to your wedding. Snap.

    1. i'm going to assume that you bought me a pair too, right?

  5. love me some beyonce in the morning. (or anytime.) love those shoes. you need them.

  6. Great. Song. A little B is always necessary on a Friday!

  7. See... here's the thing. I've chosen the "starvation" route over giving up my wine. I just can't give it up. I wont. Because then I'd probably be miserable.

  8. so here's your happy tidbit for the day: unless you have celiac disease or a sensitivity/intolerance to gluten, bread is OK. just switch to the healthy kind (whole grain) and you're golden. as long as you eat within your caloric target for the day, you can eat as much bread as you want. i eat bread (and butter and sweet potatoes etc) on the regular and i continue to lose weight. it's all about your caloric range!

    you're welcome.

  9. Most importantly, will those shoes allow you to properly twerk at your wedding? These are all things you must consider.

    Now go drink some wine.

  10. 5. 5. 5. 5. 5. 5.

  11. Those blue shoes are such a gorgeous color!

    Found your blog through the blog collective and would love a follow back!

    - Heather

    1. so i should buy them? FINE. i'll listen to you.


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