Thursday, April 18

where are you going. not just a dave song but also what people say to me when i'm drunk.

hi.  it's me shannon.  resident lover of all things boozy and fun (within reason).

quick show of hands.  how many of you love steph from bourbon and glitter?
all of us?  ok good.  we're on the same page.
i'm actually not sure of the parameters for her link-up.  
i saw some outfits and also some drunkenness.
so i've decided to go with drunkenness in concert form.
and also i've been jamming to DMB all damn morning so i thought it was only fitting.

dave matthews band comes to alpine valley every year.  it's a damn tradition.
it's a two-day show filled with booze, games, and music.
every year i've gone the itinerary has been such:

1PM - leave the house
2PM - sit in line and wait to get in while enjoying a road soda.
2:30PM - get your shit set up.  which includes, but isn't limited to, a canopy, various coolers, a grill, bags set, ladder golf, chairs, shot glasses, oh and food.
7:59PM - enter the show.
8PM - midnight - ROCK OUT.
12:30PM - sit in the parking lot and eat more food.
1PM - leave.

the next day.  lather, rinse, repeat.
or just skip to repeat.

who the fuck is coming with this year?

Gin and Bare It



    ps i love you.

  2. since we're both from wisconsin, the kid in the green shirt looks familiar.. lol what is his name..

  3. BOOBS! And you shotgunning a beer so clearly we are meant to party together. Like, asap.

    (The parameters are PARTY. anything and everything related to party!)

    (Go here: and select either Large or Medium ad space and enter the promo code PARTY for your free ad spot! Thanks for linking up!)

  4. OMG OMG OMG OMG OM GOMG OMG OMG OMG I want to go. I love Dave Matthews Band. Jealous. You live a perfect life. Jerk.

  5. Im sorry... but I can't get past the titties....


  6. Words cannot describe how badly I want to party with you.

  7. This looks soo fun. I want to go.

    PS your button is now on my sidebar! Hoody-Hoo

  8. I went to Alpine a few years back and am DYING for the year I can come back. Boo for nurses working holidays and Dave coming right after the 4th. :(

    But next time I go...let's be friends.

    1. ummmm of course we can be friends.
      i suppose you just can't call in lazy to your nursing job and be all "i don't want to work, i'm going to go play at a concert instead."

  9. So this is awkward but.....

    ..... not a Dave Matthews fan. Being from VA all the hype around them got old pretty quick. But I do like alcohol, and day drinking and what looks to be a lovely game of beer pong set up. I like all of those things!

  10. New follower, from the hop! I look forward to reading more!

  11. Why have I never managed to do this?!? I am totally going to do it this summer with a bunch of my friends .. us plus alcohol always ends in laughs, x rated pictures and sometimes emergency room visits anyway so why not throw a weekend of music on top of it.

    1. you NEED to do this.
      it's just a two-day bender with music capping off each night. AMAZING.

  12. I absolutely completely totally freaking love Dave Matthews. I'd be like babbling-incoherently level excited if I got to go to something as awesome as this. For real.


    1. you NEED to go to one of the outdoor shows then.
      like it's a damn must.

  13. Thanks for linking up with Stephan and I :) I love these pics lol they are too funny. To answer you question, you can basically link up anything that has to do with partying/parties..from makeup tips to drunk pics..all is welcome. I hope to see you next Thursday for our linkup! Have a great weekend!

  14. I'll be there... in NJ on June 6th. I went last year in NY and it was amazeballs. This year... oh I just can't wait. I have lame friends though so it's just me and my one BFF that go. Tailgating with 2 is not nearly as cool.

    I trust you read that... June 6th. I expect to see your drunken face next to mine. (wishful thinking...)

  15. Oh Mudderfudging gooness.... all i saw was boobies and then I was all on the floor and wishing I was there!!
    By the way...I rediscovered boxed wine today with kickball and thought of you. IT was the balls that did it cheese

    DMB...makes me think of sunshine and hippies and beer...i want some !

  16. k like totally obsessed with your blog and general fuckin attitude :) love it.

  17. I'll come for the booze. Only if you promise there is LOTS of it. And the boobs apparently. Also, I'll bring cheese fries but only for me and you, love bug.


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