Friday, April 19

kanye's work out plan looks a lot more interesting than mine

can we talk about how today is friday and i just got PAID (please channel that n'sync song when reading).
so for like a hot minute i feel rich.  but then all the bills come out and i'm broke once more.  
you know - just living the american dream.

and in great news i'll be going out to dinner tonight.  whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? that shit cray.
i know.  i can finally be one of the people that enjoys a friday night out at dinner and not the server at a restaurant that secretly hates every person that have to wait on that's having such a fucking great time on their friday night.  

but now we high five.  and back up dat azz.

1// i say this with all due respect but jillian michaels is a whore.  even when she's just on some dvd telling you not to phone it in and that you can do this and that you need to work harder and that she has 400 pound people that can do these and that i better not complain.  DON'T JUDGE ME JILLIAN.

2// consider this a warning to all game of thrones lovers.  do not, i repeat, DO NOT get drunk and buy dragon nipple rings on amazon because you're in love with the mother of dragons.  chances are that you won't be able to figure out how to get it on (sober or not) and then you'll just end up throwing it in your jewelry cabinet.  
also - i shouldn't be allowed on amazon when i've ingested a bottle of wine or three.

3// dickhead drinks from the sink.  don't tell shitler.  he hates that that i laugh at it.  
which apparently just encourages the dog.

4// i roasted a chicken on monday afternoon.  which is quite possibly the only good thing to have come out of monday considering all the insanity.  p.s. it was delicious and i ate every piece of that crispy chicken skin.

5// i'm officially obsessed with the OK GO "this too shall pass" passion pit sunday hangover remix edition.  it's incredible.  and hungover or not i just want to get my mini rave on wherever i am whenever i happen to be listening to it.

lastly - let us all back dat azz up.
let's all go back to the days where everyone was obsessed with kanye because he was legit awesomely talented.  
and when we all thought we were video hoe-fessionals and got things for free-99.

Gin and Bare It


  1. Thanks a lot you fucking whorebag. Now I have *NSYNC in my head. Looks like Pandora will win me over this morning.

    p.s. i lub you

  2. Lol!!! Totally cued NSYNC in my head...smiled from ear to ear with "That Shit Cray"..perfect insertion!
    Happy Friday

  3. Oh Jillian you make me want to punch you!
    The Game of Thrones comment is funny!

  4. hahah yes. love this song. and #2?!?! you are awesome.

  5. DRAGON NIPPLE RINGS?! I love me some Game of Thrones but I have not gone down that path just yet. Although, there is still time. ;-)

  6. I would not have pinned you as a chicken roaster. I am impressed right now.


    2. FUN FACT - my friend just gave me bread maker. hello carbs and good bye diet.



  8. Thanks to Kanye's workout plan I'm the envy of all my friends!

    Probably the best thing my lover Kanye has ever done for us.

    Also probably the best thing you've ever done for your nipples.

  9. Dragon. Nipple. Rings. I shouldn't even be surprised, yet somehow I am.

  10. Ah crispy chicken skin! Yummmmmmmm!

  11. I'm with you on the Jillian Michaels thing... I know a lot of people seem to like her, but I watched one of her videos once and all I could think was, "Damn, you seem bitchy and it's not motivating me to stop eating Cheetos and get off my ass at all."

  12. Fuck Jillian Michaels, She is such a dick. The only person who can make me a video Ho-Fessional is old Kanye.

  13. Haha I am loving stalking your are hilarious and I always use to scream at Jillian and call her a whore when I would do her videos!


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