Thursday, April 4

my one true love

in case you were wondering i have a folder that contains funny pictures of jeff goldbum on my computer.
why - you might ask?
my response: why not.


p.s. that last one is my favorite.
p.p.s. i didn't steal these.  if they're yours tell me and i'll attribute them accordingly.
p.p.p.s. i really, really like jeff goldblum.
p.p.p.p.s. this is a recycled post.  you can see the original here.  i've since added some new ones to my collection.  also where jurassic period made its first debut.

how do you feel about jeff goldblum?

Gin and Bare It


  1. Jeff Goldblum is the brown to my poo. Seriously, he rocks. Have you ever seen Real Housewives of NJ? The one chick's husband looks and acts exactly like him - it's crazy.

  2. second one, it's mine and I would like credit. i took it with my canon sure shot back in '83

  3. (in JG voice) he-he-he is cool

    best movie....iggby goes down

  4. He is a FANTASTIC actor! I love him in earth girls are easy (which is on right now!!!) And this other 80s movie whIth cyndi lauper!!!!!!

  5. This is amazing. He is so so funny.
    My favorite one in 'Jeff Goldblum is watching you poop.'
    I wanna hang that across from my toilet.

  6. I'll never forget, when I got my tattoo they had the "Jeff Goldblum watches you poop" sign hanging in their bathroom......that's all I think of when I see him now! Independence Day just isn't the same!

  7. HAHAHA The last one is insanely awesome. And the poop one. He's funny. There's just something about his deliverance that makes him great. I like when he cameos as Ruxin's dad in The League.


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