Monday, March 25

whip it real good.

i feel like i've been sick for an eternity.
or for like all of 2013 so far.  and it's terrible.
but it didn't stop me from having a weekend that was filled with being sick, working, battling a fever, a meeting, getting my vagina waxed, and then also hosting a party lite party.  oh, and i ate some chicken, bacon, and artichoke pizza and day drank for a bit.  i'm also in some haze where i'm not quite sure what's going on or what i'm doing.  i imagine this is what drinking sizzurp is like.  so here's some pictures.  and some of them involve dogs wearing shirts and also shitler instructing people how to do whippits.  i think.

it's not much.
but it's all i have.

 please regale me with tales of your
weekend and how much better it was than mine.

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  1. What do you mean you don't have much!!!??? Those furry friends in freaking T shirts!! Oh my freaking heck they are too much :)

  2. cute dog! my weekends aren't great; i'm married, after all haha!

    1. i don't think mine are ever that exciting.
      mainly filled with poor decisions and hangovers.

  3. This looks beautiful. Sounds like a great weekend. Except for the whole you being sick thing. But that's what booze is for, right?!


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