Monday, March 18

i need to take a coma

127 hours is not only the name of a movie that i could not give less fucks about but also the amount of hours i want to sleep after this last weekend.  because i'm not sure how i managed to fit in working, partying at a toddler's birthday party, attempting to be appropriate in church for a baptism, and also celebrating st. patrick's day into only one weekend.  and without sounding like a total blog-douche and being all "is it friday yet hahahaha LOL rofl" or "monday came TOO fast" or "OMG i need a weekend to recover from my weekend" please know that i want to crawl into a dark cave with my couch and hibernate.

also - i keep getting distracted by the thought that there might be a head of lettuce in my car and i want to eat it.  
but that would involve moving and also enduring the fact that the sky is shitting (and by shitting i mean snowing).

i don't have anything else to really offer.  except that the pictures to follow will contain a baby so cute your uterus might explode, a picture that proves you're never too young to party for st. pattys, and also a picture of shitler eating his tie.


and seriously. 
this picture contains everything i need to say.

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  1. Hahaha. Your dog... yes. That's how I feel today.

  2. zomg monday came too soon. just like our men. GET IT?

    anyways. i love you.

    and your dog might be dehydrated. do you see how yellow that shit is?

  3. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA hilarious! Love the dog pic bahahah Yes, that's how I feel today, too!

  4. BAHAHA, I feel the same way sister! I am trying so hard not to lay down and take a nap right now!!

    After every holiday weekend...we should have mondays off!!

  5. That pink tie is sexual.

    That picture of your dog made me laugh and laugh. Love it!

  6. BABIES! Cute and also terrifying.

    I took a 3 hour nap once and my friend told me I'm not allowed to call it a nap – that is a sleep.


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