Thursday, February 28

house recap installment 1

i'm one hundred percent going to drag this rearrangement post into two, possibly three, posts.
to be obnoxious.
this post WILL NOT include pictures of lord hairless or the cat figurines.
those are for next week.  or if i'm feeling especially cruel - the week after next week.
but it will include a picture of the giant rabbit that i love and also a picture of an overly excited murphy lee (btw, he looks like a total mouth breather in the picture).

so to recap - shitler decided we need to be adults.  
and after he convinced me that this was, in fact, not a drill i unhappily complied.  
so naturally, the first thing i did was immediately buy something that would display some of my booze.
so i got myself a cute little rolley-type-cart-thing to put my wine in.  
and it's a blessing and a curse.  because i'm constantly drinking wine.  and then constantly wanting wine in the cart-thing to make it look nice so i'm just constantly buying more wine but then i'm just constantly drinking it all over again because it's sitting in there taunting me.  i think the word we're looking for here is viscous circle.

oh  who is that you ask?
that's rick.
the giant bunny i received at a work function white elephant party and is now the bane of shitler's existence.
i'm genuinely shocked that rick hasn't met some sort of unfortunate demise by now.
but  he hasn't.  so where better to display rick than under all my booze?

i need you all to know that shitler literally got off on buying home furnishings.
which concerned me.  but then i realized it was one less thing that i had to do.
so i just embraced it when he called to excitedly tell me that he had purchased an ottoman (that a had compartment for all of our blankies), a floor lamp, new blinds, and an area rug (his exact words).

in the past i've collected various things to hang on the walls but there has rarely been and rhyme or reason as to why they are where they are.  like shitler pointed out that i just hung things on nails that were already in the wall.  and then i was all "meh."
but this time shitler suggested we hang things on the wall with a purpose.
so i present to you my wall of andys.

lastly for this post is an overly excited murphy lee.
he's probably thanking his canine overlord that his mom and dad are done trying to pretend to be adults.
or at least that he has his couch back because it had been a real inconvenience when there was various woods and tools all over them and like WHERE WAS HE SUPPOSED TO SLEEP --- LIKE ON THE FLOOR OR SOMETHING?!  don't worry murph lee.  all is as it should be.

p.s. don't mind those weird wooden table things.  we've had them for years (i think from my friend, bowser) and shitler has been going on and on about he's going to sand them and then do something with them but i've yet to see anything come to fruition.  so now they're just there.  which probably isn't for the best because it's just one more surface in the house for me to spread all my crap on.  which shitler is never a fan of.

still to come - throw pillows and knick-knacks.
at least pretend you're excited.

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    You look so fucking sophisticated with your wine. And IM SO EXCITED FOR THE THROW PILLOWS AND CATS.


  2. Hmm, I wish my guy got off on buying home furnishings!

  3. Dude, just dude. Your house looks fanfuckingtastic. Just know that when I plan on moving in with you guys, I am taking over Rick. Like, I really think that Rick may be my spirit animal. He just seems very chill and kickass and he likes wine so yeah.

  4. Looking much improved, you don't even need me! I'm glad my couch is ready for me to pass out on and also I may or may not steal Rick while I'm there.
    I'll bring you wine though.

  5. I think husband and I still have some household growing up to do. MY SHIT IS EVERYWHERE. ON EVERY SURFACE, like you! haha. Husband has a fit every once in a while and makes me clean "with" him... Which ends up with me being coy, and him not noticing that he is doing all the work... ;)

  6. I am obsessed with all of the andys. I LOVE THEM. I also love the wine situation thing. What is the point of having something to hold wine IF THERE IS NOT WINE? Lookin' real adult-like up in there. I likes.

  7. i love the new look! i have zero creativity when it comes to home decor and have to rely on my hubby.

    1. THANKS. i think i just buy tons of stuff that i'm wildly obsessed with and just hope that they all go together.

  8. OMG! Can I live with you????????

  9. Hooch this is outrageous? Can I borrow you when I finally buy and move into my house?
    I need a person to destroy it and make pretty little things on my walls...thanks! oh and make sure you bring that wine rolly thing too!

    Andie's Traveling Pants


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