Tuesday, February 19

no risk. no reward.

this is treacherous walk down to the house.

and before you get judgy know this - salting it is borderline pointless.
because you salt.  and then snow at the top of the hill melts, runs down the steps, and then freezes all over again.
so basically it's like a fun obstacle course.  or like american gladiators only the american gladiators are all the ice.  and if they win then it means you probably broke your neck.

SO - if you come over (you can - you're invited) and make it down the steps i will be waiting for you with a prize.  
and that prize is a cocktail.  you're welcome.

p.s. waiver forms are that the top of the hill.  
everyone needs to sign them.  
in the event that you eat shit and die/break your leg/bust your face/look like a fool i'd like to be covered legally so you can't sue me for the money that i don't have. 

p.p.s. i added the bokeh so it would look magical.  or whimsical.
or at least a lot less like a death trap.

if you have to deal with winter 
what do you think is the worst part?
if you don't have to deal with winter - then WHATEVER BYE.

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  1. It's 72 degrees and sunny here. ;) I will take that invitation though. You best be waiting at the airport with my cocktail though.

  2. I hate the snow and ice bullshit in the winter. I love that my dog LOVES the snow. So I love it for that. But I HATE that people use salt. It hurts my puppy's poor little paws.

  3. I...um...I live in Southern California so I don't even know what this means...is that frozen water? WHY DOES IT FREEZE?

  4. I'm on my way over, I can tackle that shit for a cocktail.

  5. Oh this for real needs to be cleaned up before I move out there. Have Shitler do it.


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