Thursday, February 21

it only makes sense that my house would be life my life. which is a disaster.

i honestly don't understand the people who enjoy decorating/re-arranging. 
the process is beyond exhausting.
i told ya'll about the beginning process here - in case you want to review.
and since i lack on basic follow through it's pretty typical for me to get a quarter of the way through and then proceed to moan and groan and want to throw in the towel and just lay on the couch.  
BUT THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE - because the couch is covered in shit that doesn't belong on it because of the re-arranging.  and then i just want to be all "OH MY GOD let's just hire someone to do this."  and then i remember that we're poor.  so we have to do it ourselves.  but that means i have to clean.   and then i can't get over this overwhelming feeling that the whole world is out to get me.

so that disaster up there was my life for a good two days.  shit everywhere.
and although i am by no means a tidy person the situation was basically driving me to drink more than usual.
and then there's the whole now-i-have-to-buy-some-new-shit-to-put-on-the-walls-but-i'm-still-poor-so-the shopping-isn't-even-all-that-fun.  because that's basically the worst (first world problems, i know).  because maybe you want two cat figurines but you can only afford one.  and what about all the obnoxious shit you want to put on the walls?  and by all i mean ALL.  but i can't have it all.  so i have to settle for just one or two.  and there's picture frames that i need to buy.  and have you guys bought picture frames lately?  they're mother f'ing expensive.  and don't even get me started on throw pillows because the sheer concept of them practically gives me an aneurysm.  so the entire process is a slow process and that's tough to wrap my brain around because i just want it all done.

and so do these guys.  they love the couch as much their momma does.

but fear not.  things have come together in a very average manner.
things are on the walls.  i think the general aesthetic i'm going for is clear.
the reveal is scheduled for next week.  so if you care you should come back on thursday.


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  1. Thankfully, throw pillows don't matter in my house because Hawkeye is confused by the words. As soon as a pillow hits the couch, she throws it on the floor. She's very literal.
    I'll drive up (to Wisconsin? I must be nuts...) and help you in exchange for alcohol.

  2. I care.

    And your poor dogs are probably feeling like their lives are falling apart because of all the chaos and drinking. lmao.

  3. yes yes yes. how do people do it all the time? i certainly cant.
    and your dogs are awesome.

  4. Halla! I love your blog and think you are hilarious, I just started a blog-->
    Check me out and lets be buds!

  5. Awwww look at you decorating and re-arranging for my arrival. You really are too kind, boo.

  6. i would never be able to rearrange all the time. the change and all the work it takes ugh i just wouldn't want to do it.

    i'm a new follower.

  7. Home Goods/TJ Maxx has awesome cheap picture frames!! Their other stuff is sometimes expensive but the frames are good.

    1. i am 100% heading to those places. i need frames like a MOFO.

  8. I'm kind of obsessed that you labeled this as "housewife" - like seriously, this shit on a rh would be hilarious.

    also, I'm excited for the reveal. like legit excited. i hope the throw pillows make an appearance. seriously.

    XO. XXX. XXX. XXo.

  9. Frames are SO expensive! In the past year I have collected some black & white photos of my grandparents' wedding day. I knew I wanted them all in black frames but know how expensive that could get (even Target is ridiculous). My solution; headed to the Dollar Store and thrift store for frames and depend heavily on spray paint!

  10. redecorating is the worst. i hate it. i leave all that up to my husband who for some reason, loves it and has a knack for it that i sometimes wonder if he's gay.

    1. what is it with our men and their love of decorating???? that's fine. he can decorate all he wants - but i need to be left out of it the next time around.


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