Wednesday, February 13

four eyes upgrade and a GIVEAWAY

this is not all the way a dig.
but going through my blog reader and seeing some bloggers do giveaway after giveaway after review after review is mind-numbingly boring/annoying. 

so with that said - here's my first review.  and my first giveaway.
firmoo contacted me awhile back and offered me a free pair of glasses.
so naturally, after a lot of fist-pumping, i readily accepted.
because who doesn't love free shit.  like useful free shit.  like glasses.  which are expensive.
a couple of pairs of glasses ago i dropped over three hundred dollars on the exam, the lenses, and the frames and i wasn't even all that in love with them.  and for three hundred dollars those glasses should be wining and dining me till i put out on the first date.  which leads me to firmoo.  

i got these bad boys. 

firmoo saved me the trouble of actually having to leave my house with their website (
and we all know how much i hate that).  i just uploaded an obnoxious picture of myself and went through their entire array of glasses till i settled on the ones that looked the least terrible on me (and when i'm talking terrible i'm referring to myself - not the glasses).  the biggest selling point for me in regards to glasses are that they're as sturdy as they come.  

because i break shit.  
a lot.  

i got these in the mail the morning we left for a major binge drinking wedding and these glasses came out unscathed - making me one extremely happy camper.

that.  they survived all of that.
so it goes without saying that i'm a customer of firmoo's for life.
i'm sure you're probably thinking "OH OK shannon.  of course you would love them.  you got them for free."  
and it's true - that is a big part of why i love them.  
BUT - guess what?  firmoo is letting me give a pair away FO FREE suckas.  so you're welcome.
there are just two stipulations:
1. the free pair the winner chooses cannot be designer.
2. the winner must pay for shipping (which, FYI, is like all of $8 or something).

so do yourself a favor and enter the giveaway below.
leave a comment letting me know which pair you would choose and follow the blog via google friend connect.
mainly please enter the giveaway so i can give someone glasses and so i don't feel so shitty about myself if no one enters.  please.
i beg you.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**the products noted above were provided to me for free.  any product claim should be verified with the manufacturer or provider.**  

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  1. Cheap and sturdy...score. When I'm on my computer I'll check out some glasses.

  2. i like those glasses on you..sort of hipstery

  3. how douchy do they look? i was going for douchy.

  4. love the glasses on you! SEXY!!!! :) lol

  5. If I won, I would choose these simple black ones.
    Michelle G.
    lovinhugs36 at hotmail dot com

  6. I would choose these ones…
    Considering I have 2 pairs with dark rims… I thought these were a nice choice!!!!

    Now make sure I win Shanny… ;)

  7. Oh my goodness those are so much cheaper than my current $200 frames!

    I want ... these.

    1. I KNOW - aren't they so much better!? and seriously good quality. if they can survive of weekend of my typical debauchery then they're legit.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I'd choose these! Woooot!

  10. I think I would pick these thanks for the giveaway, I've been wondering about trying out that company.


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