Monday, February 4

mushy brain soup need not apply

i like to think that i only half-failed on my plan to not drink until v-day (you can read about that declaration here).
i have legit reasoning - I SWEAR.

i came to that crazy decision on friday and then the owner of the company i work for was all "hey, good job everyone, let's shut it down and go to the bar!"  and i was all "uhhhhh, shit."  but then i was all muttering to myself "i need to go.  i would be a bad employee if i didn't."  and then i realized it's BUSINESS DRINKING - so it really doesn't count as recreational drinking which would have been in direct violation of my previous no drinking declaration.  and people totally understood that.  hence these tweets:

the tweet from @bullsbears, the picture from @hintzilla

but then the rest of my weekend was shockingly less alcohol involved.
certainly not a dry weekend because i think that would shock my system and cause more harm then good so i think that maybe i should just wean myself off the sauce little by little and then maybe do two weeks of no booze.  
stay tuned.

so the weekend looked like this: 

his face - i can't handle it.  just so dumb looking.

so ya - apparently when you're not drunk the entire weekend you get get things done.
like crafts, and taking pictures of icicles, and also not cleaning (which you can read about here).

but you know whose weekend was filled with booze?
he pulled that whole "i'm going to the bar and just having a drink."  
and that turned into "shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots - errrrrrrrrrrrrrrybody."  
and then he jogged home at bar close time across the lake.  
sidenote - he was surprisingly un-winded when he got home.
THEN - on sunday he flipped the snowmobile he was on.  if not for the helmet his brain would have been a mushy pile of goo.  so currently he's just feeling like a geriatric.  big ups for helmets ya'all.

please tell me your weekend was more exciting then mine.  if this is what a dry weekend looks like i'm going to need to do something to spice things up.  i'm thinking more pickles.

was your weekend low-key?
or was it exciting in a "i just flipped a snow mobile three times and survived" type of way?

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  1. Ha ha so funny love the picture at work!! Totally doesn't count it WAS a business sesh for sure
    The frames look awesome

    1. THANK YOU - i'm so glad people understand the difference between recreational and business drinking! whew! and wouldn't that cube be awesome!?

  2. the highlight of my weekend was a new toilet seat. you do the math.

    business drinking is still drinking.

  3. ohhhmerrrgerrrddd that picture of your dog on the chair - can i please print it out and put it in a frame on my wall?

    i agree on not stopping cold turkey - i did that when i got sick and i think that made me sicker than my initial sickness. if that makes sense.

  4. Can I come party with you someday? I want Shitler to teach me how to flip a snowmobile and stay alive, please.

  5. baha that photo in the office is amazing.

  6. I think that every time you want to drink you should just eat pickles. Lots and lots of pickles. that'll solve everything.

  7. Uh... Shitler definitely had the most exciting weekend. I haven't even touched my snowmachine in weeks. Instead, I had a mostly-booze-free weekend, much like yourself, due to ... dun-dun-dun... STAFF DUTY. I had to be sober all day, every day (yes, including during the Super Bowl) just in case a Soldier decided to do something stupid and I got called in to work. LAME.

  8. Your dog has the prettiest eyes.

    Thank you for linking up with us for Monday Mingling. :)

  9. that pic of you at your desk is all kinds of hilarious!

    1. girl i wish it was me.
      except now maybe i'll make my own.


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