Wednesday, February 27

the only prescription is more cow bell. or funny cat pictures.

my life for the past week has consisted of OD'ing on various cold medicines and plowing through boxes of kleenex.
and then sometimes coughing so much i throw up the cold medicine i just took so then i have re-ingest the medicine.  last night i laid on the couch and drifted in and out of consciousness while watching pretty little liars until i decided to take enough nyquil to take down a goddamn elephant.  so basically things have been super awesome in my neck of the woods.

this is what i have surrounding me at all times of the day:

but in attempts to make myself feel better i've been looking at a lot of cats that look like hitler.
which doesn't really help my disgusting cold because they end up making me laugh, and then i choke on my own mucus, and then snot drips out of my nose, and then i get irrationally angry because shitler won't make out with me at that exact moment in time.
but this is my favorite cat that looks like hitler.


what do you do to make yourself 
feel better when you're sick?

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  1. That cat looks delicious.....

    1. and i know for a fact that he would be. i've sampled a lot of cats in my day and i know which ones are the most delish.

  2. I want to do your snotty grossness.....on top of the cat but under a full moon....

    1. let me know when the next full moon is. i'll pencil you in. you bring the cat.

  3. Haha that cat is awesome. Sorry you're sick, love that you're still drinking out of a Leine's cup.

  4. i hope you feel better! i curl up in bed, douse myself with cold medicine and watch Friends reruns.

    1. i should just go home right now and do that.

  5. When I feel sick I pretty much down entire bottles of Nyquil so I feel drunk and tired and not as congested all at the same time. Then I sleep, wake up and take some more.

    So, I basically just knock myself out until the cold runs it's course.

  6. I freaking hull myself up in my house so that I don't get sick!! Hahah. I would rather do NOTHING than go out during flu and sickness season! lmao.

  7. I complain a lot and make everyone my bitch. Unintentionally, of course.



  8. Hitler cat looks so...nice? Is that even possible?

    Airborne is godawful disgusting. Feel better soon, lady!

  9. My family has been fighting the cold crap lately too. :/
    I can definitely relate with the snot color.

    Hope you are feeling better! It took me a week to feel functional.
    Also where the hecksauce did you get that awesome Leinenhegel (or however it's spelled) glass???

  10. My nightstand looks pretty much the same right now: a whole lotta medicine and kleenex!

    The Hartungs Blog

  11. I was this a month ago :( feel better boo

    (this comment is so fucking late.... i know.... so you might be better by now!)


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