Thursday, February 7

i'll pretend to be an adult. but i'll probably never actually legitimately be one.

today's post is brought to you by the letter "d."
"d" as in the disaster that is the house because shitler and i decided to rearrange last night.
for whatever reason shitler took yesterday by storm with his "we need to be adults!" and "this place can't look like a fucking frat house anymore!" attitude and then my attitude was all "pass the champagne."

and obviously i don't have it together enough to take an official before picture so this one will have to do.  i've taken the liberty of doing some labeling for you.  
you're welcome.

here's the thing.  i've never been into decorating anything.
there's better things to be doing.  like drinking.
but i figured that i better get on this run-away-adult-train that shitler was on or i'd get run over.
it's not finished yet.  because i have to like wash.the.walls.  which is something i literally never thought i would ever say in my entire life.  and things need to be dusted.  AGAIN.  
which brings me to this next admittance.
back in the day when my parents made me dust every single fucking weekend i was all "this isn't necessary DAD.  EVERY WEEKEND?! really?!"  and now i'm all "fuck.  dad was right.  again."
so here's what we have so far.  at least in regards to the new layout.

but now all the stuff that i've been pack-ratting away is getting piled everywhere else till i get to it.
so things look like this.

i'm sincerely hoping that this gets done tonight.
i'm also hoping that in the midst of everything shitler has to hang back up on the walls that he won't notice me trying to find a place to sneak this guy.

p.s. shitler informed me that his family used to arrange things in their house like every three months.
p.p.s. my family's shit is in the same position it was when i was eight.

do you like rearranging?
or does it drive you to drink?

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  1. First, I love rearranging stuff. Unfortunately our current place doesn't really allow for any other configuration. Plus, we have so much more stuff now than we used to… and its an udder pain to rearrange. Also, if you ever want someone to decorate… CALL ME UP YO! You know that's right up my alley!

    Second, your new arrangement looks vaguely familiar to the way we had that place set up at one time! hehe. How things come back around!

  2. Can I please come visit? I'm going to steal your spot though. Just an FYI in advance.

  3. I love cleaning and organizing and re-arranging. Yes, I'll come work for you. I'll even take payment in form of girl scout cookie.

  4. My mom rearranges things every month almost. We have so many holes in the wall because she moves pictures around all the time too. lol.

    1. that's SO MUCH WORK. i wouldn't be able to handle it.

  5. your candle-type situation is fascinating. I think that's my favorite part of your house. oh, and the lake. I mean who else gets to live on a lake? straight baller status.

  6. I would like to rearrange if there was a better way to put my furniture... But the window placement, and weird... extendy wall thing make it difficult to have a good TV position without window glare... Bastard apartment designers.

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  8. I love changing things up! I also actually enjoy moving around and seeing new things. I think it's an excitement factor with me. I'm an avid OCD cleaner with kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms.......... but not when it comes to a bedroom or a closet. Those look like shit.

  9. Amazing....loving the blanket curtains, and that view looks like it rocks! I LOVE rearranging...when it is all over. About halfway through I usually kick it into "panic/wtf did i do" mode


    On the other hand, something tells me I'd just be SUPER comfortable if I were there.

    Either way. I'm liking it. And we didn't change every 3 months, but probably like once or maybe twice a year. Mostly because my mother has different decorations for each season and then about once a year she just does a complete overhaul.

    xo "..."

  11. I'm a horrible decorator. I had my FABULOUS brother-in-law and his partner come decorate my last condo. It stayed the same way for the 6 years I lived in it. My current living situation, is an inflatable bed and a closet. So i'd say I've minimized my need for cleaning and decorating...yahhhhboiiiiiiiii


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