Monday, February 25

tell me what you know about dreamin', dreamin'

so i totally try to pretend i haven't passed my prime.
but this weekend proved that i am.  because although i powered through like a boss i am definitely feeling the effects of not being able to just lay on my couch all weekend and watch catfish.
you're probably not wondering at all what i did but i'm for sure going to tell you anyway.
i'm linking up with sami to spread the good word.

friday consisted of popping bottles with my lady friend.
saying "popping bottles" makes me fell like a rap star so i'm going to continue to say that.
then we made super attractive faces, took pictures, and sent them to my brother.
mature - i know.

saturday i spent money on candles that i didn't need.
and then had to work.  AND THEN belatedly celebrated my baby brother's 21st birthday where we all tried to pretend that we were on jersey shore and didn't go out till the bars till like 11.30pm. but that shit was a blasty.
like dance party and just shut shit down.


and then sunday i laid on the couch while mac did things like this:

OH - and i made uncle rico look like a drunk.

so actually my weekend was full of tons of stuff and it was so awesomely, terrible.

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  1. OMG. Your dog. Not the brown one. But your aussie. Awwww just chillin' there. I swear I come here for more than pics of your dogs...

  2. i always think i'm so awesome and can party hard but then the next day comes. And I feel like death. it is fun though!

  3. I know I'm not supposed to day this, but your brother is hot, especially draped around a toilet. I'M DISAPPOINTED THAT PICTURE ISN'T ON HERE SHANNON. GOD.


  4. I am loving the picture. Ive tried to party like the good old days and i just can't hack it anymore! lol glad I am not alone... :)

  5. I know we are newly friends, so I must ask. Is your dog's full name Uncle Rico? If so, you just won everything.

  6. Looks like you had a blast!!! That face made me laugh! Found you from the blog hop and a new follower.

    Hated on the Playground


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