Wednesday, February 6

picture of a hangover

this is what my hangover looks like.

like in general.
and then i guzzle four orange gatorades and a gallon of water.
then eat till i'm bloated more than i already am from the previous night's booze.

and lord have mercy do i want hot dogs now.

how do you handle your hangovers?
swear off the booze for the rest of eternity?
start drinking again?

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  1. Oh that is a fantastic hangover list. I drink a ton of water and then lay on the cold bathroom floor and whine for hours about how I'm going to die. Then I start drinking again.

  2. Grilled cheese & french fries. And then like you- so. much. Gatorade! haha

  3. haha I wrote an entire blog post about this --> :P Chick Fil-A, sweet tea, Gatorade, hours-long shower, advil and a lot of puking. That about sums it up.

  4. haha funny.

    when i was in university, we would all head over to a bar and continue drinking!
    post-uni, i would eat a big, greasy bfast to sop up all the alcohol.

    but now i'm lame and don't drink anymore.

    1. realistically - i should maybe not drink as much as i do.
      but who are kidding - that won't happen.

  5. this realistically could have been my receipt on a hangover day. although coffee totally makes me vomit when I'm hungover. There used to be a place in town that had hot dogs covered in chili and cheese, and I could seriously eat two of them when hungover. I also like to lay around and bitch about swearing off alcohol, but the day after I'm back to my wine bottle.

    1. oh man i'm right there with you when it comes to the "I'M NEVER DRINKING AGAIN" pledge. but i'm a liar and that temptress booze ropes me right back in.

      i'm not even hungover currently but now i want a chili dog. a cheesy one. like three of them.

  6. LMAO!
    Advil, Water, McD's that usually ends up on my face rather than in my mouth...blllleaaahhh

    That was my saturday morning

  7. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... hot dogs. nom.

    i have some catching up to do.
    sue me.


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