Friday, February 22

high five 4 friday

you guys i have the BEST news.
i only work one job today.  and for the love all things holy i am freaking pumped.
remember that one rap song with the dance and the words "it's goin' dowwwwn."?
ya well, whatever that song is is basically what i'm feeling about tonight.

but it's friday.  and i missed last week.  which is terrible.  
so let's get to it and link up with lauren at from my grey desk.

1. i'm no longer even slightly embarrassed to admit that i watched season one of the client list.
you know - the show where jennifer love hewitt stars as the prostitute that's JUST DOING IT TO SUPPORT HER FAMILY.  well - season two is almost upon us and i literally cannot wait.

2. baby b was out of town on a southern style hometown visit for like ten goddamn days.
BUT SHE'S BACK. and here's a picture of a sleeping baby b and i die for it.

3. one of my bridesmaids was tailor-made for my mexican wedding.  and nothing is better than getting photos from her of different suggestions for the wedding.  normal suggestions are probably pictures of wedding dresses, flowers, shoes, etc.  but not her.  what she sends me is even better and much more appropriate.
please see below:

4. we've re-arranged and re-arranged and it's all made me want to do is just want to fuck shit up.  i've written about it here and here.  so if you'd like to go back and review - you certainly can.  next week thursday will be the big reveal.  but in the meantime - i wanted to give you this sneak peek of lord hairless.

5. and last but certainly not least i need everyone to know that tonight is going to be awesome.  because i get to spend it with a girl that i would totally leave shitler for.  i'm practically forcing her to date one of my brothers and then like maybe if it doesn't work out with one brother then she can just date my other brother. so basically i just want her to be in my life for fucking ever.
and i mean - do you blame me?  how hot is she?

have a rowdy weekend ya'll.

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  1. Your friend is sexy. So is Lord Hairless. I'd totally tap dat.

    I want that flask thing too.

  2. haha i have never heard of the client list. but i feel like i need to watch it. and yes shes super hot and ovbs awesome for being friends with you.

  3. 1) I want her eyelashes.
    2) YOUR WELCOME FOR LORD HAIRLESS. I can't wait to see him in person and rub my body all over him, LIKE THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.
    3) BABY B. So freaking adorable, glad you two have been reunited. You were starting to have withdrawals.
    4) You're sexy as fuck.

    xo baby.

  4. Wait, I thought the Client List was a movie? I watched it, it was hilarious and I loved it. It's a show now? What?

  5. OMG! I LOVE THE CLIENT LIST!!!!!!!!!!! My cousin and I would watch it together, hahaha. I can't wait!! :) EEPS!

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  7. hmmm will see what the client list is all about. btw, just found out that my proxy server at work hates your blog which is why for the longest time, it wouldn't let me see any of your posts leading to copious amounts of cussing and swearing at my work laptop.

    1. YOU MUST - it's the best. like the most terribly, awesome show.
      and MAYBE - your server is just too overwhelmed by my awesomeness...?


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