Wednesday, February 20


please tell you've seen that dane cook bit?
where he pretends to be oprah and give away humpback whales to everyone.
maybe just watch this poor quality video i found on the internet to get the idea.
because this is how i feel when i give shit away.  and i need us to be on the same page.

because i joined up with ever lovely tarole over at one haloe girl to help give away $100 dollars in the form of a gift card to anywhere PLUS a $25 etsy gift card.
so the rules are below.
so enter ya'll.  it'll be the basically the best thing you do all day.

February Group Giveaway Sponsors

Open to US and Canada only. 
This giveaway is to say thank you to all of our lovely readers - if you don't want to follow like a participant's blog, don't enter.
Please refer to Terms and Conditions on Rafflecopter for full rules.

Enter away!!

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  1. 2 things 1- I miss dane cook. he got all too famous too fast and who even knows what happened to him. Every now and then I'll drop a dane cook line. you know, like a box of cow tongues, and someone will get it. then be embarassed like 'wait is this okay to know? dane cook is a sellout, right?'
    2- sooo i shouldn't admit this but i totally only entered the giveaway on the things related to you. like yes, i follow your blog, yes, i follow your twitter & now fb. I feel like I should follow them all. sorry. guilt.

  2. I agree with the above poster - I seriously miss Dane Cook. I loved him before anyone knew him and he was doing stand up on Comedy Central looking like a cross between a Greaser and an Aids patient. Seriously, google that shit.

    Secondly, can you rig this shit so I win it? Mmmmkay thanks.

  3. Awesome, rig it for me so I win, k? Thanks.

  4. slut.

    also, i love dane cook. like legitimate love. except lately he's been looking old and it makes me sad and love him a little less.


  5. um..I love Dane Cook. ohhhh yeeeeeeahhhhh.

  6. Dane Cook WAS funny... now he's a fucken douche canoe cause he got all famous and shit. But, you should watch the one where he talks about being sneezed on... Dude... I never laughed so fucken hard!

    Oh, and watch that video again.... he's balding!!


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