Monday, February 18

the best kind of weekends involve puppies

this weekend was mainly filled with puppies and babies.
which is pretty ok in my book.
and even better that they're not mine so i don't have to deal with accidents in the house or dirty diapers.  
so that's always a win.

1. got a stellar 66 cent tip from friends of mine that came into the restaurant.
kidding.  they like to try and be cute and leave a shitty tip and then give me cash after i've looked at the tip.  
AND i even drew a penis and a bunch of hearts all over their receipt.
so they better be grateful.
2. uncle rico and his big block of a head.
3. black swan cometh for you.
4. a couple of couch snugglers.
5. oh ok puppy sad face - knock it off.  it's just too much.
6. uncle rico is also a drunk.

thank you pretty lake and pretty sky.

she's all "hey dick - those are mine."

party collar time.

 how was your weekend?
everything you had hoped it would be and more?

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  1. Long hair, don't care.

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    1. like 100%.
      in the form of vodka.
      vodka therapy.

  4. I was DYING over your doggie pics this weekend. Melted my lil <3

    Can they be my roomies?

  5. hahaha omg .66. awesome. i'm surprised they didn't leave .69. and that dog is too cute. like i'm dying.

  6. That is the cutest puppy! Let me take him home with me!!

  7. oh my gosh that baby is just the cutest thing on earth!

    1. isn't he?! i just want to give him cuddles and kisses like all of the time.

  8. The dog looking at the alcohol is my exact same face...

  9. This whole post is hilarious. Glad I found your blog :)


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