Friday, February 1

high five 4 friday

i'm going to make a bold statement.
and said bold statement is "i'm going to try really hard to not drink any booze until v-day."
i said.  
and it's out there.
like in the universe.

holy shit - this is what a panic attack feels like.

so maybe try and keep me accountable.
i usually only follow through on things i say i'm going to do like 3% of the time (per shitler) so i thought that perhaps an extremely small goal would help me be more successful.
so here's to not being so wine bloated and all shit-feeling for two weeks.

but back to the real task at hand.
high-fiving friday with lauren at from my grey desk.

1. i've now been engaged for...hang on...let me count the hundred twenty five days (i had to use a calculator - FYI).  that's a lot of days.  so you would think i'd be used to the ring on my finger.  but this week i've found myself extra distracted by that sparkly thing.

2. pretty little liars has consumed my life.  and it's embarrassing. 

dear 27-year-old self,
pretty little liars does not represent real high school life.  no one has that much time on their hands.  no one can use their phone that much without having to charge it.  and stop being so jealous of their lack of curfew.  also stop regretting all the hoodies and jeans you wore back in your day and maybe stop thinking about how you would have jumped every one of those little skanks in a dark alley in order to take possession of their wardrobes.

p.s. good thing shitler is like 25% into it.
because this means he watches it from time to time even though he doesn't love it.

p.p.s. you're 27. stop fucking watching this show.  you're embarrassing yourself.

i will cut him off. and he'll pretend like he doesn't care.  but we all know the truth.

3. the other night we all sat around and played presidents and assholes.  and one particular player just couldn't not be asshole for the life of her.  so she got a sweet boxed wine hat and a lovely garbage bag jacket (which is totally last season) for her efforts.  or lack of efforts.  either way - she looks fucking ridiculous.

shitler added some pubes.  in case you were wondering what that patch of something is.

4. laid back.  with my mind on my money and my money on my mind.

like a boss.  in her cadillac.

5. and because i want to leave you with something super inspirational for the weekend.  
and also give you more of a glimpse into the incredibly loving relationship that is mine and shitler's.

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  1. i make goals like that all the time! only it`s usually only for one day. and i still fail.

    but i have faith in you! ♥

  2. Good luck on your not drinking. *nods*. I'll try to keep the faith for you. ;)

  3. PLL is seriously time consuming. AND OMG! Those bitches wardrobes! And the constant use of cell phones. And the teacher/student romance. Underage boozing. Teen sex. Sounds like my kind of partyy..

    Tell Shitler not to hate. He secretly wants to be Caleb.

  4. Dude, I got my mom hooked on PLL, so don't you worry! Hahaha best show ever. And I'll lay you ass out if you even think about touching alcohol!

  5. 1) Good luck on that no drinking thing. I can barely last 5 days when I'm on antibiotics. And by barely, I mean I can not.
    2) I feel ya on the ring thing although I've only been engaged for 5 days. It's so shiiiiiiiny but I also don't want to be caught starring at it either and be made fun of by all the guys I work with.
    3) So on the "Pretty Little Liar" boat. I normally save 4 episodes so I can binge on them and truly be ashamed of my 27 year old self.

    1. i failed. ugh.
      i KNOW on the girl. i can't believe how distracted i am by it. which makes me even more terrible - like "oh, there's the girl that's distracted by shiny things!"

      i've been binging all weekend on PLL. AHHHH. season 2!

  6. Presidents & assholes. I must know more...

    Good luck with the no drinking sitch. I can barely quit for the weekdays.

  7. No drinking till that Vagina day?
    You about trying that Skinny Girl Margarita stuff? I had some with Patron yesterday...supposed to be under 150 cals...

    Either way...I want a pink caddy too


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